We are non-profit Charity & NGO Oranization

Human healing foundation is the brainchild of a medical practitioner, born out of his absolute passion for the humankind. In 2002 he specialized in plastic surgery, and then on he had an outstanding carrier as a plastic surgeon (multiple disciplinary), scientist, teacher and a socialist. Dr GV as his friends call him, comes from a humble background where he has witnessed human sufferings due to unresolved ailments. These experiences inspired him to master Plastic surgery and contribute towards helping the society to find resolution through science

He pursued his practice and studies in the UK, where he was exposed to more and more unresolved ailments and diseases which affected people’s lives around the globe. Dr.GV pushed all envelopes as a medical practitioner, to serve people to his best. This led him to take the new role in life as a scientist and Inventor.

In 2006 during his practice in St. Pare and anatomy Institute Paris, he discovered commissural artery of webspace. In the same year he designed commissural flap based on this artery at St. Andrew Centre for plastic surgery and burns, Chelmsford, Essex UK. This acumen of Dr G.V as an inventor grew more and more as time passed. During this time he also

  • Designing a training tool for Hand surgery trainees to practice tendon repairs
  • Published 10 articles in British and American plastic surgery peer reviewed journals

In 2005 he developed interest and pursued private research into nano medicine. He was mesmerized by the possibilities nano medicine could bring to the medical world. At the same time he also saw the challenges in developing nano devices.

Nevertheless, In 2006 he conceived the concept of "In Vivo De Novo' tissue engineering for nano hair , nano skin, nano islet and so on. During this time he had to face the challenge of contacting and co-ordinating with several universities in the UK and Netherlands to procure several assemblies to build his prototype. During this time he never ever hesitated in spending his life savings towards this research. This was a challenge he took up due to his passion, towards treating problems like diabetes with nano medicine. He soon realized the importance of having one single venue where research and development of nano made could be made possible. According to him this could change the world. As we all know changing world cannot be done in one single step but would need the endurance and determination to take several steps to make that change.

As Dr.GV resides from India, he resorted to the Indian government for the support in terms of infrastructure to develop nano medicine. He realized that it would take more than the public sector to make this happen and so he decided to take things in his hand.

In 2006 Dr.GV came back to India and convinced his family and friends to join hands with him to build a foundation which will dedicate itself to finding resources to aid in developing nano technology for the medical world. It was not long before many like-minded souls join hands with him to form very a strong foundation which has promised to itself, in relentlessly bringing pursuing science and technology to heal human suffering.

"The obstacles that I faced during my research inspired my vision of building an international Institute for nano medicine with world's best technology that can accomplish any nano device of any complexity required to overcome unresolved ailments, bring down the cost of healthcare and make it available to masses" - Dr.GV- (2006 during his presentation to the Human Healing Foundation Board).