Be a learned volunteer in PINKTOBER and save as many as you can from Breast Cancer Misery.

In India Breast Cancer is the 2nd most deadliest cancer taking lives in thousands and the most common cancer among women in India. In the west this is not the case as they are fortunate to have been well aware and well trained on the process of Self Breast Examination (BSE). In India unfortunately due to our cultural taboo there are limitations to the promotion of ‘Breast Self Examination’ .
They say that the evil begins from our minds, in this case it could be the fatal truth. We tend to look away from these subjects because we attach sex to it. Even though we are a country with over 1.7 billion in population, we still consider sex and everything which may or may not be a part of it, as taboo . Even this line may be considered Sexual and taboo.
We at Human Healing Foundation (HHF) want to make a difference and want to promote the technique of Breast Self Examination and bring down the number of victims we loose to Breast Cancer every year


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What is campaign all about?

The campaign intends to educate Indian women about Self Breast Examination (SBE), and its benefits in detecting breast cancer in an early stage and save lives. According to WHO, BSE has to be done routinely every month and if there is any findings indicating the symptoms of Breast Cancer, then a mammogram need to be done to eliminate the risk of Breast Cancer. However most of the women are unaware about this and if they are aware then they are no sure about the way it has to be performed and if they know all this then they fail to perform it regularly.
As a part of this campaign HHF will be introducing SBE instructional stickers and calendars, which will help women to educate themselves regarding SBE and help them to routinely perform it. It will also have a list of institutions that they can choose for conducting mammogram.
As a part of this campaign, HHF will be conducting a PINKTOBER MARCH & an entertainment event called COLOUR PINK.
PINKTOBER MARCH: Volunteers, well-wishers & supporters will march from Videhi Institute of Medical Science & Research Center to ITPL
COLOUR PINK : Is an Entertainment Event targeted at raining funds for the under privileged, to get their routine mammogram and also support Breast Cancer Victims.