Human Healing Foundation


International Academic, Media, Research & Clinical institutions to nurture NANOMEDICINE & PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATION to ease the Human suffering from unresolved clinical ailments and preventable Diseases.


An autonomous international institution where in all the disciplines contributing to the evolution of NANOMEDICINE are studied and found through research and evolve its clinical applications.

  • To establish a Foundation for promoting Fundamental & Applied Research, Development of Applications, Hospitals / Health Care Institutions etc

  • To establish a body to promote Nanomedicine from its research to clinical application

  • To establish a Body to pursue any course to make health care more affordable to all societies

  • To promote the industry to develop indigenous technology to replace imported Health Care products

  • To establish corporate companies to help in achieving the Trust aims

  • To establish Educational, Training and Research Institutions

  • To acquire properties, movable or immovable, by purchase, gift, donations etc and to re-sell, lease or otherwise deal with the same in furtherance of the aims of the Trust

  • To collect funds for the proper conduct of the Institutions under its management as Donations, by way of contributions, Aids, Membership Fees or any of the Source in any manner.

  • To institute Scholarships and Fellowships

  • To edit, print, publish or / and distribute Books, Magazines, materials and Pamphlets relating to Educational / Health Care subjects

  • To organize public opinion in matter of Educational / Health Care importance and to do such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attachment of the objects of the Trust.

  • And, generally to do anything incidental or conductive to the above objects any of them


  • International & experienced trustees
  • Govts, NGOs, WHO, UN contributions
  • Academicians
  • Scientists
  • Doctors
  • Patients
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Basic – Biology, physics & chemistry
  • Applied – Biotechnology, Biomedical, Instrumentation, IT..
  • Advanced- Nanotechnology, Stem cells, Genetics, Nuclear, Robotics
  • Clinical – Medical & Surgical, Nanomedicine


  • Academic – Diploma, PG Diploma, PG degree, Phd
  • Research – Elemental, Discipline wise, ailment wise, product wise, inhouse, sourced, outsourced, clinical trials
  • Clinical – unresolved problem specific – like Burns, strokes, HIV, Cancer


  • Phase I: Start with Burns helpline, PG Institute for Nanomedicine, Breast Cancer awareness, Fire safety
  • Phase II: Add a Burns care facility if need be, but certainly add PG Research facility for Nanomedicine
  • Phase III: Start NanoSkin & NanoIslets as in house multidiciplinary projects
  • Phase V: Develop robust & safe clinical trials flat form to role out clinical applications


  • Phase I: Feb 2014 -2015
  • Phase II: Feb 2015 – 2017
  • Phase III: 2017 -2020
  • Phase IV:2018-2022
  • Phase V:2020 onwards


  • Setting up of Burns Helpline with 24/7 support for Bangalore & Karnataka
  • Burns Bed Beauro for Bangalore
  • Documentary of status Burns care in Bangalore, and a B town and a village
  • Cost & quality analysis of Burns care
  • Documentary on Mutilated patient’s body image/Faceless faces


  • Documentary on present status of Breast cancer in Bangalore
  • Breast Cancer prevention & screening initiative
  • Self Examination training to every women