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HHF’s another area of active work is to create awareness amongst women population about the early detection and prevention of breast cancer which can significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality. We request you to watch, learn, practice and share the awareness film posted on youtube channel of Human Healing Foundation. This awareness video for the women on “How a 15 mins of Breast Self-examination” can help to detect breast cancer in an early stage attracted lakhs of views and we firmly believe that has helped them to reduce the morbidity thereby increasing the survival rate from breast cancer.

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Helping World to overcome Against Covid-19 Pandemic

Human Healing Foundation sponsored an epidemiological study to establish if any Heterologous Vaccine has partial or full protection against COVID-19. This study with the data of COVID-19 incidence and mortality among various vaccination groups such BCG and bOPV, found that bivalent OPV has such NSE property that has protective value against COVID with pValue <0.0001, hence HHF reccomends to the WHO and Public Health Policy makers to conduct a large clinical trials on establishing the benefit of inducing NSE Herd immunity against COVID-19 to control this pandemic if mass vaccination with bOPV vaccine given to adult population.



Raising Funds for the development of Covid-19 vaccines.
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